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Let's get ready....FOR FAIR ARENA

boki12, Mar 8, 12 5:03 PM.

Weekend Drop-In PvP Is Here!

Villain85, Jun 7, 11 2:22 AM.

Random Brackets
Best-of-3 Single Elimination
(Best-of-5 Finals)

Rare Avatars Banned
Normal, Advanced, Premium, Halloween, Holiday Avatar Sets Allowed

Awakening Actives Banned
Awakening Passives Allowed

All Titles Allowed

Armour, Weapons, Accessories +11 or Higher Banned
Damage Reflect Items Banned (ex. Gilemo)
Items w/Summoning Effects Banned (ex. Charlie's Necklace)
Clear Cube Consuming Items Banned (ex. Terra Cotta ID, Michelle's Oath)
Epic Equipment Banned
Weapon Covers Banned
Chronicle 2 Banned

50 Uniques, 55 Legacy, 60 Rares Allowed
Terranite Equipment Allowed
Chronicle 1 Allowed

Consumable Items Banned (ex. Disks, Skytree Nut, Bombs)
Clear Cubes Allowed

Armour, Accessory, Avatar Switching Banned
Weapon Switching Allowed

3rd party programs, including auto-key and macro programs, are explicitly against the rules and will result in immediate disqualification

Like the poster says, there's no sign-up. If you're online at 2PM PST Sundays, I'll be setting up a tournament style bracket for PvP. Winners get a whole lot of sweet fuck all, but we will be recording the results, which may correspond with a guild PvP ranking system in the very near future. Also, if we get hype we'll capture some of your stylish moves for the youtube channel. Practice up and get ready to throw down this weekend boys (and girls).


Skodma, Jun 1, 11 2:37 PM.

Yup I was 100% totally wrong GFG Nexon brb boiling my hat

Grinding for Chorn/Dailies/Rank stresssing you out? TRY THESE!

iRing, May 28, 11 7:46 PM.

-credit for finding it late to Kate

Act X: rebirth aka Thieves and more shit

Skodma, May 20, 11 6:54 PM.

Thieves are officially announced along with 3 more announcements that will be revealed on the 24th, 1st of june, and surprise surprise DFO's anniversary June 15th
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